The Star Valley Wyoming Temple

The Star Valley Wyoming TempleI am a simple person. I like beauty. And light. And I’m not all that in to extremism or extravagance. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the beauty of our temples. They are all so amazing and designed by the spirit and with love and honor for God.

Star Valley Wyoming LDS TempleThe Star Valley Wyoming Temple is the simplest temple that I have seen so far. Meaning that there aren’t a lot of extra things on or around it. Because of this, the stained glass in the spire stands out, as well as the natural beauty of the rolling hills behind the temple.

Star Valley Wyoming Temple 1It was immediately added to my list of favorites.

Star Valley Temple - Back ViewWe headed over to Star Valley after picking up the Meerdink boys from EFY at BYU Idaho- with a stop in Grand Teton National Park along the way. Unfortunately the other Carey had to fly back to Oregon for work, so he wasn’t able to join us for this one. That just means we get to come back!

American Flag at Star Valley Temple 1Driving down highway 89, we eagerly looked ahead anticipating the temple. It is still such a joy when I first see that spire. And this one was especially fulfilling, with the beautiful green hills as a backdrop.

Star Valley WY TempleWe walked around the temple grounds that evening, and then returned the next morning after attending church just a block away.

There is something really special about this area- Star Valley. It just feels like the temple is supposed to be there. It was prophesied way back when the valley was settled that there would be a temple there, and all just feels right. It’s so peaceful. I feel a little bit tempted to move to the valley once the kids are grown. But then, I haven’t experienced one of their winters yet.

Star Valley Wyoming Temple 9I remember when President Monson announced  the Star Valley Wyoming temple in the October 2011 General Conference. He had just announced the rebuilding of the Provo Tabernacle into a temple, as well as temples in South Africa and the Congo. Then he announced Star Valley and said, “I think I’ll dedicate that one, there’s good fishing up there!”

Angel Moroni - Star Valley Temple 4

The temple was dedicated just last year. President Monson was not able to dedicate it, but I’m sure his heart was there.

Everyone should visit this temple. It will touch your heart. I know I’ll return many times.Angel Moroni - Star Valley Temple _ Daytime

Date Visited: July 29, 2017

Miles From Home: 801

Location: Afton Wyoming

Dedication:  October 30, 2016 by David A. Bednar

From the Dedicatory Prayer: And may understanding, perspective, and peace distill upon all who come into the temple seeking inspired guidance to press forward in the challenges of life. We pray that Thy Holy Spirit will shine forth from this temple and bless all individuals, families, and communities in the entire temple district.