The Payson Utah Temple

payson-utah-templeThe Payson Utah LDS Temple is beautiful.

Growing up in Orem Utah, I didn’t venture down to Payson very often, except to go to the lake or to drive through on my way to somewhere else. There just wasn’t a whole lot there. So when I originally heard that the church was going to build a temple there I was a little surprised. But I had been away from Utah for almost 20 years, and accepted the possibility that things continued to grow and progress even though I wasn’t there.

In 2015, just a few weeks after it was dedicated, we were visiting my parents and decided to drive down and check out the new temple. And I have to tell you that I was amazed at its beauty! I mean, all temples are beautiful, but there are those that just stand out to individuals for one reason or another. I think for me it was the simpleness and quietness of the surrounding area. I loved that the homes nearby were humble yet tidy. All seemed to just focus on the temple.img_20151120_060514

Our three sons came along, as they do for most of our visits, and Payson instantly became one of Steven’s (our middle son) favorites. Now every time we visit Utah he requests a drive down to Payson. We are happy to oblige.

Sidenote- my computer crashed several months ago, but luckily I got all of my photos onto an external hard drive before that happened. Unfortunately, I cannot find said hard drive. I have searched my house from top to bottom and it is MIA. That darn hard drive has all of my pictures from my “real” camera for the last 5 years except for a few that I had in other locations as well. Anyway, long story short(ish): Our visit to the Payson temple is on that drive- so I only have this one photo for now. Aaaaaaannnnd that is why I used the same photo twice in the same post!

Date Visited:

Miles From Home: 832

Location: Payson, Utah

Dedication: June 7, 2015 by Henry B. Eyring

From the Dedicatory Prayer: …we pray for Thy people throughout the earth. Let Thy blessings rest upon Thy faithful Saints wherever they may be. May each hold in his or her hand the torch of faith and be guided thereby in all circumstances. Open the heavens and pour down blessings upon those who live the ancient law of the tithe. Stay in their behalf the hand of the destroyer and multiply the fruits of their labors.