The Medford Oregon Temple

img_5248We visited the Medford Oregon Temple on a Memorial Day Weekend road trip back in 2013. The trip also included stops at The Oregon Caves National Monument and Crater Lake National Park. It was a great little trip, and if you ever make a trek out there, I highly recommend checking out the Caves and Lake while in the area.img_5245

Located in southern Oregon, just about 30 miles from the Oregon/California border, the area is so pretty. I remember it feeling so peaceful compared to up here in Portland. There were lots of rolling hills on the drive, and mountains off in the distance.

This was five years ago, so my boys were small(er) and they still liked each other. I mean, they like each other now, they just try to play it cool. Well. And sometimes they really don’t like each other. So this picture of them warms my heart. I love how they love the temple. img_5260

Here is a great little drone video of the temple that we did not film. It is courtesy of Temple Aerials. You should check them out on YouTube.


img_5264Date Visited: Pre-Blog, May 24, 2013

Miles From Home: 264

Location: Medford, Oregon

Dedication: April 16, 2000 by James E. Faust

Interesting Fact: Did you know that the Medford temple is one of 38 small temples with the exact same design? And that the church commissioned a new version (the 5th version) of the Angel Moroni for these smaller temples? He is shorter and lighter than the other guys. And sometimes, though not on Medford, is seen holding a scroll.