The Brigham City Utah Temple

brigham-city-lds-templebrigham-city-temple-steeple-side-viewWe visited the Brigham City temple back in 2015. We were actually on our way back to Oregon from a visit to my parents in Utah, and we decided to stop by on our way. Whenever we make the drive to Utah County – once or twice a year – we look for the Brigham City Temple. It’s the first of the Utah temples that we get to spot on our journey, and all of us just love how it seems to glow over there in the valley.

We visited on a perfect day. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, and it was warm. I may be remembering the warmth a little more fondly from where I sit right now because I am cold. It has been rainy and cold here in Portland and looking back at these photos kinda makes me want to move to a sunnier place.

Anyway- back to the post.

The temple sits directly across the street from the Box Elder Stake Tabernacle, often called
the Brigham City Tabernacle. I’ve gotta tell you- I was almost as enamored with this building as I was with the temple. It is gorgeous! I love its sort of simple yet Gothic style. Brigham Young chose the sight for it and laid the corner stone back in 1865. I wonder if he had any idea that 150 years later there would be a temple across the street.brigham-city-utah-lds-tabernacle

boyd-k-packer-gravesiteWe were there at the temple just a few days after President Boyd K. Packer’s funeral. He was originally from Brigham City, and was also buried there. We decided to go over and visit his grave while in town. It was a beautiful spot, and so solemn. Did you know that he’s buried right next to Lorenzo Snow? I’m so glad we were able to visit it. I have a thing for cemeteries, especially pioneer cemeteries. They hold so many stories and so many amazing people.

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the temple, President Packer said, brigham-city-lds-temple-angel-moroni“I am home… I can see in my mind’s eye a temple sitting here in about two years time. It will be gorgeous, it will be white… It will be a beacon from all over the valley. ” The elementary school that President Packer attended was actually on the same plot of land where the temple now stands.

Date Visited: Pre-blog, July 11, 2015

Miles From Home: 718

Location: Brigham City, Utah

Dedication: September 23, 2012 by Boyd K. Packer

From the Dedicatory Prayer:  Bless any who seek peace and understanding to find them in this place of holiness.