Meerdink Family at Seattle TempleHi! I’m Carrie. This is my family. We love a good road trip and we love the temple!

I have a dream to visit every single Latter-day Saint temple.

All of them.

It’s a bit daunting to think about, but knowing I have a lifetime to do it makes it more realistic.

Carrie and Carey

Joining me in my travels, and on this blog, is my amazing husband Carey. Yes, we have the same name and it is rad. Click HERE to read our story.

My other travel buddies are my three sons, the Meerdink Boys. I am blessed that they share the same love as Carey and I for temples, travel, and adventure.

Meerdink Fam at Vancouver BC Temple


This blog is a place for my thoughts, our travelogue, and whatever else meets our fancy.

Join us on this most excellent journey. It will be quite an adventure!