The Fresno California Temple

Angel Moroni - Fresno TempleWe stopped by the Fresno Temple on our Spring Break trip to California. It was unexpectedly closed because they were tarring the parking lot, so we just walked around outside of the gates, tiptoeing around the fresh tar.

Fresno Temple EntranceIn spite of the parking lot situation, it was a lovely visit. The Fresno Temple sits in a quiet neighborhood next to a park. It’s one of the small temples, virtually identical to the Spokane and Medford temples that we have been to. So small, that I think it is smaller than the church building that it shares a parking lot with.Fresno Temple Gate

As with all temples, the grounds were lush and beautiful, with some fresh spring blossoms popping up on the trees. Fresno Temple Grounds

It was dedicated in 2000, which was kind of a big year for temple building. President Hinckley had recently (in 1997) announced the smaller temple concept, and temples were popping up all over the place.

Blossoms at the Fresno TempleThere were 31 temples dedicated that year, with Fresno being the 10th. Amazing to think about!Fresno Temple Spire - Soft White

Date Visited: March 29, 2018

Miles From Home: 737

Location: Fresno, California

Dedication:  April 9, 2000 by Gordon B. Hinckley

From the Dedicatory Prayer:  We thank Thee for this nation of which we are a part. We are grateful for the Constitution under which it functions. May the precious liberties guaranteed thereunder ever assure freedom of worship to Thy people. To Thee be the honor and the praise and the glory now and forever more, and to Thy Son, our Redeemer, likewise praise and honor and glory. Smile with favor upon us and let Thy blessings attend us as we look to Thee in faith and appreciation…

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