The Ogden Utah Temple

Ogden Utah Temple - Landscape 2The Ogden Temple was the last temple stop on our epic summer road trip. We visited the grounds on our way from Logan to Orem, where we would be visiting my parents for a few days.

I had never visited the Ogden Temple before its renovation. I wish I had- I just never really had reason to go to Ogden.

Flag at Ogden TempleWhen Carey and I started really falling in love with temples, we decided on a whim back in 2012 or so to swing by the Ogden temple on our trek to Orem. So we followed the directions and for some reason just could not find it. We drove around the block several times looking for the familiar lights of the temple before we realized that we were in the right place. There just wasn’t anything there. A green construction fence surrounded the grounds, and with it being dark, that was all we could see.

Ogden Temple - Corner View 2I admit that for years I just assumed that they knocked the whole thing down and started fresh. But in my research, I realized that the same basic structure was kept, only massively updated on the exterior.

Ogden Temple - East Entrance, LandscapeI wonder what it would have been like for the local residents to see their temple being taken apart piece by piece. I imagine it was a little bit hard to see. Of course, they knew it was going to be rebuilt, revitalized, and more beautiful than before. But seeing the Angel Moroni removed and the spire taken down would have definitely caused a little jab in my heart.

Levels - Ogden TempleSpeaking of Angel Moroni, the renovated Ogden Temple has the same statue that was removed before construction. Just a little bit reconditioned.

Ogden Temple - Northeast CornerWhen we visited, it was flipping hot outside. Like, really hot. We slowly walked the grounds as the bright sun blinded our sensitive Oregon eyes. The grounds are beautiful and so peaceful. I guess they call it the Ogden Temple Square, with an old tabernacle sitting on its grounds as well.

Ogden Temple - Southeast Corner 3It was a lovely and warm visit. I love that it is renewed. It is quite symbolic of how we can always change. Though our lives at times may seem stagnant or unclean, they can become revitalized and beautiful. Though we go through immense trials where we feel we are being taken apart at the seams, no worries. The core and foundation are still there, and we can be rebuilt stronger and more vibrant. That is the good news of the gospel!Ogden Temple Spire

Date Visited: July 31, 2017

Miles From Home: 738

Location: Ogden Utah

Dedication:  January 18-20, 1972 by Joseph Fielding Smith; Rededicated on September 21, 2014 by Thomas S. Monson

From the Dedicatory Prayer (1972): Wilt thou strengthen us in our desires to keep thy commandments and overcome the world, to be living witnesses of the truth and divinity of thy work, and to stand valiantly in bearing testimony of those things which we have received. We desire to bridle our passions, to control our appetites, and to rise above the lusts of the flesh and the evil and carnality that is everywhere to be found. We desire righteousness. We are thy people; pour out thy Spirit upon us.

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