The Rexburg Idaho Temple

Rexburg Idaho Temple 1It’s funny how I still get so excited to see the temple. Even here in Portland, seeing the temple, usually multiple times a week, still brings me feelings awe and gratitude and reverence. It is a testimony to me of the importance of it. The temple the House of the Lord. There is power there. I think the feelings we get, even from walking the grounds, are a tiny glimpse of what it will be like to live and walk with God. Peace, hope, gratitude, wonder, and a feeling of home.

The Rexburg Idaho Temple 16x9It was no different when we were approaching Rexburg Idaho and I saw the temple in the distance up on the hill. White and shining amid the golden wheat field, it was breathtaking.

Sunburst behind Rexburg Idaho TempleWe saw the Rexburg Temple for a few minutes when we dropped our boys off at BYU-I for EFY. Then zipped up to Canada for the week. The following Saturday we picked them up and headed straight over to the temple to walk the grounds and hear all about their experiences at EFY.

The story of the Rexburg Temple’s dedication tugs at my heart. President Hinckley was scheduled to dedicate the temple on February 3, 2008. Instead, on that day, Thomas S. Monson was set apart as the new president and prophet of the church. President Hinckley had passed away a week earlier. Oh how I loved, and still love, President Hinckley. I remember hearing about his passing that night. Carey and I just hugged each other and cried. He was prophet through major growing times in our lives, and like millions of others, I respected and loved him, and eagerly looked forward to hearing anything he said. Can you even fathom that we have the possibility to end up in the same place as him? And how much more fun it will be because he is there.

Rexburg Idaho Temple - Back ViewSo President Monson’s first official duty as the new president of the church was dedicating the Rexburg Idaho Temple a week after he was set apart. He had just buried a dear friend, and literally had the weight of the world on him. But of course he was up to the task, he had been serving his whole life.

Rexburg Temple 1I read an amazing quote here that was said by Elder Ronald J. Hammond at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Rexburg Temple in 2005. He said, “As the ground opens and as the shovel breaks it and turns it, your spiritual senses will know immediately that something very, very significant is happening. Something that at once disturbs the devil and blesses God’s children on both sides of the veil.” I would like to believe that that same thing happens with every new temple that is built. They are oh, so important!Rexburg Temple - Looking Up

Date Visited: July 29, 2017

Miles From Home: 740

Location: Rexburg Idaho

Dedication:  February 10, 2008 by Thomas S. Monson

From the Dedicatory Prayer: We thank Thee that since the restoration Thou hast never left Thy Church alone. From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Thou hast chosen and appointed a prophet to this people who has held and exercised all the keys of the everlasting priesthood for Thy children in the earth. We are grateful to Thee that the magnificent promise made in the dedication of the Kirtland Temple has been fulfilled in our time that Thy Church has come out of obscurity and shines before the world, “fair as the moon, and clear as the sun.”

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