The Calgary Alberta Temple

Our trip to Alberta Canada was so wonderful. It was sort of a honeymoon- we didn’t get one 18 years ago. So after we dropped our boys off at EFY in Rexburg, we zipped up to Canada. I’ll include more about our trip in another post. Here, I’ll just tell you that the Calgary Temple is lovely.Calgary Alberta Canada LDS Temple

We walked the grounds before going inside to do some sealings. We entered the grounds through an iron gate, which framed the temple beautifully. Magpies sat on the roof, which was fun to see. I know it’s weird, but I’ve never seen birds sitting on any temple before. Maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.Calgary Temple Staircase

Walking around to the south side of the temple, we went down a beautiful curving staircase into the courtyard. It is such a peaceful and beautiful area, and I was taken aback by the grandeur of the temple.Calgary Alberta Temple

I also was super surprised to see a rabbit! Or maybe it was a hare. Anyway- it was just relaxing on the grass. Apparently they are pretty common.Rabbit at Calgary Temple

We were able to do family sealings inside. I want to introduce you to a world traveler: Alice Emily Garretson, Carey’s Great-Grandmother. When working on our family history, we noticed that her work had been done for her in many places. She was baptized in the Perth Australia Temple, confirmed in the Provo Utah Temple, had her initiatories done in Recife Brazil, and her endowment completed in Guatemala. When we finally found her, we did her sealing to her husband here in Portland. When we discovered her parents not long before our trip, we knew we wanted to finish off her work at yet another temple, so she was sealed to her parents in Calgary Canada.  We don’t know much about Alice, but we feel like she would like this. We look forward to learning more about her. Calgary Temple - Black and White

We really liked the Calgary temple- the members were so nice, it was a beautiful setting, and just an overall wonderful feeling.Angel Moroni - Calgary Temple

Date Visited: July 26, 2017

Miles From Home: 790

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dedication:  October 28, 2012 by Thomas S. Monson

From the Dedicatory Prayer: We ask Thee to bless all who walk in righteousness and faith and obedience to the commandments Thou hast given. Wilt thou provide comfort to them when they face adversity. Wilt Thou sustain and strengthen them when the winds of opposition blow against them. Wilt Thou bring joy and peace into their hearts and the assurance of Thy everlasting love.


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