The Spokane Washington Temple

We stopped by the Spokane Washington Temple on our roadtrip from Yakima to Rexburg. It was a bit of a detour, but we were happy to visit our third and final temple (for now) in this state. Unfortunately we couldn’t walk the grounds inside the fence, or go inside, because it was Sunday. But it was still lovely to see.

Spokane LDS TempleIt was also really hot outside. Like, REALLY hot.

We stretched our legs a bit and walked around the perimeter of the fence. It’s so neat to me how just being near a temple can bring that familiar peace.

Spokane Temple - Corner View 1An interesting tidbit- the Angel Moroni on the Spokane Temple faces West, instead of the traditional east. Seattle Washington also faces west.

This temple reminded me a lot of the Medford Oregon temple- in fact, I think they are the same design. It is another one of the small temples designed to allow access to more people in more places.

Flag at Spokane TemplePresident Hinckley announced the idea of the smaller temples back in 1997 – 20 years ago. There’s a great article HERE that talks about these temples, and how President Hinckley wanted the faithful saints to have the opportunity to attend the temple without having to travel so far. What strikes me is the love he had for these people. He recognized their sacrifices and faith. He wanted them to enjoy the blessings of the temple more easily and more often.

By simplifying the design and getting rid of the unnecessary things like laundry, clothing rentals and cafeterias- things that many of us take for granted and maybe don’t even think about when we attend the temple, thousands of saints have been blessed. Including the people in Spokane.

Spokane TempleThe Spokane temple was announced less than a year after the original Small Temple announcement, and took only one year to build. I imagine that it was a time of rejoicing for the local saints, who at the time had to travel 4 hours to attend the temple in Seattle.

I’m so grateful for the inspiration of our leaders. And for our loving Heavenly Father who so desires to bless his children. These small temples are a perfect example of that love.Angel Moroni - Spokane Washington Temple

Date Visited: July 23, 2017

Miles From Home: 369

Location: Spokane, Washington

Dedication:  August 21-23, 1999 by Gordon B. Hinckley

From the Dedicatory Prayer: Touch the hearts of the people in this temple district that the spirit of Elijah may rest upon them, that their hearts may turn to their fathers, and that they may be motivated to search out their forebears and do a great vicarious work in their behalf. May they experience the joy of totally unselfish service as they so labor, emulating the great vicarious sacrifice of our Redeemer.



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