The Vancouver British Columbia Temple

The Vancouver British Columbia temple is beautiful.Pathway to the Vancouver BC Temple

I know. I say that about all the temples. Because they are all beautiful. I wish I could come up with a better or different word. I looked at a thesaurus, and while some words came close (grand, magnificent, sublime), beautiful to me reaches past its outward appearance and hints at the feeling of being there.
Vancouver BC LDS Temple

Our trip to Vancouver was amazing, and I’ll post our travelogue later on. Side Windows of Vancouver BC TempleWe stopped by the temple on day one, a Sunday, before we even checked in to our hotel. It was rainy and cloudy, so it felt like home.
We walked the grounds and admired the neighborhood with simple townhouses across the street in one direction and the stake center across the parking lot in the other direction. The focus was entirely on the temple here.

We had planned on returning the following Friday to do baptisms with our boys. But on Wednesday morning Carey and I thought we’d change our plans to adjust to the weather, and we called over to make sure there would be room for us that evening. We were told that there was another group doing baptisms but we could join with them.

Let me tell you guys, it was perfect. The other group was the youth and their leaders from the Coquitlam Ward there in BC.

Youth Temple Trip Vancouver BC Temple
Meerdink men with the Coquitlan Ward Youth and their leaders.

We met their bishop first, Bishop Ellison, who was just an absolutely wonderful man.The group was small but mighty. We did baptisms and confirmations with them, and lots of chatting. This was exactly what we had in mind when we started this project- to meet and interact with the people who live in the temple districts. To learn about the temple through their stories and to feel their amazing spirits. What a blessing it was to meet them!Vancouver BC Canada LDS Temple

Here’s a story we heard from the group: When President Hinckley was in town looking for the location for the future BC Temple, the local stake president took him around to several worthy plots of land. Vancouver BC LDS Temple Looking UpPresident Hinckley thought they were all nice but wasn’t satisfied. Then he pointed over to the area where the temple now stands and said, “That would be a nice place to build a temple.” The property wasn’t for sale, but President Hinckley knew it was right. It turned out that it is the highest point in elevation in Langley, the city it is located in. The church eventually acquired the property and the rest is history.

We look forward to returning to this temple many times- it will hold a special place in our hearts as our first temple outside of the US, one in which we got to perform ordinances as a family, and where we met amazing and kind people.

Angel Moroni on Vancouver BC TempleDate Visited: March 29, 2017

Miles From Home: 305

Location: Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Dedication: May 2, 2010 by Thomas S. Monson

From the Dedicatory Prayer: May all who enter the doors of Thy House be worthy to come as Thy guests and to enjoy Thy rich and bounteous blessings which are found here. The Plan of Salvation, taught in Thy temples with simplicity yet with power, will be as a never-failing beacon of divine light to guide our footsteps and keep us constantly on the pathway to eternal life.

3 thoughts on “The Vancouver British Columbia Temple

  1. Loves reading about this temple and your experiences there. We are excited to see it too as it is the closest temple to our new mission…Canada Vancouver Mission. We start our mission July 31 as a mission office couple. New Learning curve. Our other two missions were in the States, so this a new experience and we are excited. Seeing these pictures of you there makes it more real. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Gayla- We’re so excited about your mission to Vancouver! The people there will be so lucky to have you. Maybe we’ll zip up there while you’re in town!


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