Road Tripping: Why I Love Ziploc Freezer Bags

I love Ziploc Bags. Specifically the gallon size.

20170201_111601No, this is not an advertisement for the company. Just a quick note about something that has made our road trips so much easier– especially when the Meerdink boys were younger.

Here’s the deal. I hate a messy car. I like things to be organized, and I like to be able to find things when I need them. I don’t like having to fish through a bunch of junk when I need something. That goes double for when I’m in the car.

We’ve traveled a lot with our boys. Starting from when they were really young and we lived in Florida. Lots of back and forth to and from Utah to visit family. Then moving across the country. Then traveling all over Oregon and Washington on road trips while I was working on a little project. The absolute biggest nuisance on every trip was snack foods.
We all like to snack on longer car trips- it just helps the time go by a little easier. Kids are no different. I found myself digging through bags of food, reaching back every time a different kid wanted something, trying to make sure things were distributed evenly or heaven forbid it wouldn’t be fair!¬†

20170201_111912One day, as I was prepping for a trip, I had a light bulb moment. I pulled out my gallon sized Ziploc bags and evenly distributed all the snacks between them. I labeled one with each of their names, and handed them to the boys as they got into the van. They were excited to have their own stuff, and felt empowered as they were able to decide when and how much to eat. They felt like¬†big boys because they got to be in control of something. I’ve actually ended up spending less on food on trips because of this.

Now my boys are teenagers, and guess what. We still do it. They get a little more say into what goes in to the bags, but I’m still saving money and still not having to worry about who -got-what-when-and-how-much-they-got-and-he-got-more-than-me-and-I-can’t-reach-all-the-way-to-the-back-and-I-think-I’m-going-to-lose-my-mind anymore. Yay!

PS – They work well for adults too.

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